For much of her professional life, Susan Kattas painted very large and lyrical color field paintings selling her work to private collectors, ASID interior designers and corporate clients. Since 2002, Kattas has created unique and inventive realistic collage using repurposed self-sticking donated address labels, decals, and bumper stickers.

Here Kattas has appropriated the iconic image by Klimt of lovers in an embrace. Susan’s art history background informs her work as evident in replicating the artist’s technique and special use of gold leaf. Gold foil stickers simulate gold leaf. Simulation of impasto, Italian marble and buon fresco is seen in other collages.

Current Updates:

FAMILY, Collage, 8.5” x 31”, framed On display August 14th is my latest collage titled FAMILY. We have all seen the white stick figure family on automobile rear windows. I purchased a series of those decals from auto parts stores. The additional color and symbolic objects resulted in my interpretation of a “modern family”.

WE ARE UYGHUR, a new collage about the ethnic minority Muslim population in Xinjiang, China has received many accolades for a creative acknowledgment of their serious plight. The world news is alive with reports of their suppression, persecution and death. The provinces of Tibet and Xinjiang are labeled by the Chinese as “autonomous regions”.

American Flag:
Work continues on a series of collages based on social, cultural and historical symbolism of the American Flag. Currently a native theme based on the Horse Nation exhibit.