The surprising realism in a Susan Kattas collage begins with an appropriation of a signature famous iconic work of art.  A contradictory observation is immediately detected in the first close-up look. Intriguing and fun revelations emerge in seeing the confetti like surface; a mix of self-sticking address labels, postage stamps, decals, and bumper stickers.

Kattas masterfully orchestrates the snippets of color into an interpretive rendering of a Van Gogh, Michelangelo or Klimt.  Because Susan is a painter at heart, she creates like a painter.  Her approach demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of color mixing, values and intensity.

Textures and media are convincingly alluded to in her collages.  Some collages emulate buon fresco, the veins in marble, impasto, lapis lazuli, and textiles.

Kunst Kiss Detail