Studio photo of pour in motion

Artist Susan Kattas is known for her large, lyrical stained canvas paintings created by pouring thinned paint on fine quality canvas positioned to slope and channel the flow of color. The outcome produces a poetic progression of overlapping transparent hues.

Her professional association with numerous ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) helped to place wall size pieces in open airy great rooms.


Collection in North Oaks, MN






Since 2002 Kattas has created an original style of collage. She utilizes a resource that usually finds its way into the weekly recycle bin. Employing self-sticking return address labels (free in charity mail) she repurposes them for the color. A famous iconic art piece is selected as a model to interpret as a collage. Achieving an interpretation that compels the viewer to be drawn in is the goal.  A closer view reveals a complex “confetti” of snipped color that emulates mixed pigment,


Detail of the dragon, WE ARE UYGHUR

Recently Kattas creates her own “model” often a drawing and montage of her photos including online research. The dragon in WE ARE UYGHUR, is a compilation of Susan’s concept and looking at numerous sculpted buildings and figurines of dragons. This collage is based on her original arrangement of Uyghur objects such as grave memorials, hats, food and textiles.  Lately social commentary is not to far away in her artistic conceptions.







Susan Kattas’ History as a Phipps volunteer

Read about Susan’s years of volunteering at the Phipps in the Hudson Star Observer’s Article:

Hudson’s Sue Kattas has curated creativity as a volunteer at The Phipps